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Astoria Cream

Price – 225 / Square Feet

Product Name Astoria Cream Imported Marble
Thickness 15MM, 16MM, 18MM, 20MM, and All Sizes Available
Types Of Finishes Polished & Unpolished
Applications Counter/Vanity Top, Flooring, Cladding, Marble Handicrafts, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls and floors, Fireplace Walls, External and internal Aids In Construction


In the realm of luxurious interior design, the choice of marble can significantly influence the ambiance of a space. Astoria Cream Imported Marble, with its cream base and impeccable design, stands as a testament to timeless sophistication and unmatched elegance. At Vardhman Sagar Marbles, this exquisite marble is not just a material; it’s a promise of opulence at the best price.

**The Essence of Elegance: Cream Base with Distinctive Veining**

At the heart of Astoria Cream Imported Marble lies its enchanting cream base, a hue that radiates warmth and sophistication. The cream tones provide a neutral backdrop that seamlessly integrates with various design styles, from classic to contemporary. What sets Astoria Cream apart is its distinctive veining, a natural work of art that adds character and depth to the surface, elevating it to a level of unparalleled elegance.

**Unmatched Quality: 18mm Standard Thickness**

Crafted with precision, Astoria Cream Imported Marble comes in a standard thickness of 18mm. This thickness not only ensures the durability of the marble but also opens up a world of design possibilities. Whether used for flooring, wall cladding, or countertops, the 18mm standard thickness adds a sense of solidity and luxury to any space, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

**Vardhman Sagar Marbles: Your Destination for Opulence**

When it comes to acquiring Astoria Cream Imported Marble at the best price, Vardhman Sagar Marbles is the go-to destination. Renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Vardhman Sagar Marbles offers a curated selection of the finest imported marbles. Here, Astoria Cream is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in lasting beauty and sophistication.

**Applications Beyond Limits: Transforming Spaces**

Astoria Cream Imported Marble transcends the boundaries of conventional design, offering a canvas of possibilities for transforming spaces. Whether adorning the floors, walls, or countertops, this marble imparts a sense of luxury that becomes the focal point of any room. Its versatility allows it to effortlessly complement both modern and classic design aesthetics, making it a choice that stands the test of time.

**Why Astoria Cream? A Symphony of Timeless Beauty**

Choosing Astoria Cream Imported Marble goes beyond acquiring a construction material; it’s a decision to bring a symphony of timeless beauty into your living space. The cream base, coupled with the intricate veining, creates a visual masterpiece that speaks of refined taste and sophistication. Every slab of Astoria Cream is a unique work of nature, ensuring that your space is adorned with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

**Conclusion: Elevate Your Space with Astoria Cream Imported Marble**

In the pursuit of luxury and timeless beauty, Astoria Cream Imported Marble emerges as a frontrunner. Its cream base, 18mm standard thickness, and the promise of the best price at Vardhman Sagar Marbles make it a choice that resonates with those who seek to elevate their living spaces. Transform your home into a haven of opulence with the enduring elegance of Astoria Cream Imported Marble – where luxury knows no bounds.

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