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Italian Marble
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Italian Marble Price List in Hyderabad

Italian Marble Price in Hyderabad.
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Hyderabad, the “City of Pearls” and India’s thriving IT powerhouse, is home to a wealth of magnificent buildings and a vibrant cultural history. The marble and granite industry in the city has grown significantly over time, satisfying the needs of homeowners, architects, and interior designers. We’ll take you on a journey via this blog, starting with the local marble and granite commerce in Hyderabad and ending with the demand for Italian Marble, which has captivated the hearts of lovers all across the city.

Local Marble and Granite Industry in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a lengthy history of the marble and granite industry going back many years. The need for premium stone materials for building, decorating, and landscaping projects increased as the city grew. Today, Hyderabad is home to a vibrant neighbourhood market that offers a large selection of marble and granite variations originating from various regions of India.

Local Marble variations: Makrana White, Jaisalmer Yellow, Rainforest Green, and Rainforest Brown are a few well-known local marble variations. These stones feature distinctive patterns and hues, making them suitable for both conventional and cutting-edge designs.

Local Granite variations: Hyderabad is renowned for its granite, including Tan Brown, Black Galaxy, and Absolute Black. These granites are widely used in monuments, floors, and kitchen counters because of their toughness and striking look.

Making the Switch to Italian Marble

While the local marble and granite industry in Hyderabad is growing, interest in Italian marble has also increased. Italian marble has drawn the attention of designers and homeowners alike due to its reputation for ageless elegance, beautiful veining patterns, and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Rising Demand for Italian Marble: The city of Hyderabad’s expanding middle class and growing interest in luxury interiors have increased the demand for Italian marble. Italian marble is a popular option for high-end projects because it gives residential and commercial spaces a sense of sophistication and grandeur.

Wide Variety: Italy’s varied geology provides a wide selection of Italian marble variants, each with its own distinct beauty. Homeowners and designers have a wide range of alternatives, from the traditional Carrara and Statuario to the lavish Calacatta and Botticino.

Applications in Hyderabad: Italian marble is used as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and ornamental accents among other things in Hyderabad. Due to its adaptability, it blends well with both classic and modern design styles.

One Leading Supplier of Italian Marble in Hyderabad is Vardhman Sagar Marbles, Kishangarh (Raj.)

1. Exceptional Quality Assurance

Regarding the calibre of Italian marble in Hyderabad, Vardhman Sagar Marbles raises the bar high. They carefully select renowned quarries from which to obtain their marble, making sure that each slab is subjected to stringent quality inspections. They ensure that their customers only receive the highest, premium-grade Italian marble that radiates grandeur and sophistication by abiding by strict industry standards.

2. Vast and Luxurious Collection of Italian marble in Hyderabad

Vardhman Sagar Marble’s collection of Italian marble in Hyderabad is breathtaking. Their variety appeals to every aesthetic preference, ranging from Low to High range Italian marble in various patterns, sizes, colours and designs. Vardhman Sagar Marbles has the ideal Italian marble in Hyderabad to realise your design vision, whether you’re looking for a classic, elegant backdrop or a commanding statement piece.

3. Personalization for Elegant Customization

Vardhman Sagar Marbles in Hyderabad provides customisation services that set them apart from the competition since they recognise that each project is distinctive and deserves individualised attention. Their team of specialists works closely with clients to comprehend their design goals and offers assistance in choosing the best Italian marble to finish their project.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

The customer is at the centre of all they do at Vardhman Sagar Marbles. Their success is largely due to their customer-centric strategy. The staff of Vardhman Sagar Marbles is renowned for their expertise, responsiveness, and persistent devotion to client satisfaction, whether they are assisting customers with the decision process, responding to questions, or offering insightful information.

5. Reliable Partner for Notable Projects

Vardhman Sagar Marbles has worked with some of Hyderabad’s most esteemed residential and commercial projects over the years. Leading architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners who demand nothing less than the best for their environments have come to rely on and admire their continual delivery of quality and perfection.

Popular Italian Marble Price in Hyderabad

1. Beige Italian Marbles Price in Hyderabad

a.  Caramel Beige Marble –

 The selection of flooring and wall decor is important when it comes to designing a truly lavish and upscale living area. Caramel Beige Italian Marble is one such material that embodies elegance and radiates timelessness. This marble, which bears stunning red-brown veins and a gorgeous caramel colour foundation, is a testament to the great creative heritage of Italy. The alluring qualities of Caramel Beige Italian Marble, its various thicknesses, and its uses as a completely Resin epoxy slab will all be covered in this blog.

Applications: Countless Elegant Spaces

The adaptable nature of Caramel Beige Italian marble’s applications is virtually limitless. It is ideal for a variety of tasks thanks to its enticing beauty and toughness, including:

Flooring: Caramel Beige Italian Marble is a great option for flooring in living rooms, dining rooms, corridors, and other spaces because of its warm and welcoming tones. It imparts a sense of richness that turns any space into an opulent sanctuary.

Wall decor: The deep hues and veins of this marble offer elegance and sophistication to interior spaces, whether utilised as a full-height cladding or accent wall.

Bathroom Walls: The completely Resin epoxy slab increases the marble’s ability to withstand moisture, making it a useful and beautiful solution for bathrooms.

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b. Dyna Italian Marble-

Marble has long held a particular place in the realm of opulent interior design. Diana Imported Marble distinguishes among the other marble variations on the market as a true treasure, famous for its enduring elegance and stunning beauty. Diana marble, which is imported straight from quarries in distant nations, makes a sophisticated statement and turns any area into a work of art. This blog post will examine Diana Imported Marble’s attraction, distinctive qualities, and uses, which have elevated it to the top of the list among discerning homeowners and interior designers.

Utilisations for imported Diana marble

Flooring: For opulent living rooms, tasteful dining rooms, and majestic foyers, Diana marble flooring is a popular option. Any room gains a sophisticated feel from the warm tones and elaborate veining patterns.

Wall Cladding: Diana Imported Marble gives a sense of refinement and luxury to indoor and exterior walls, whether it is utilised as an accent wall or for full-height cladding.

Countertops: Diana marble is a fantastic choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and bar tops due to its strength and ageless beauty.

Smaller Diana marble pieces can be used as decorative accents on tabletops, fireplace surrounds, and uniquely designed furniture.

c. Crema Malfi Italian Marble-

Italian marble has long been the height of elegance and sophistication in the world of opulent interior design. Italian Crema Malfi Marble is a genuine jewel among the myriad captivating marble variations. This exquisite marble, known for its creamy colour foundation and gorgeous white or light cream tints, brings a touch of grandeur to any room it graces. In this article, we’ll look at Crema Malfi Italian Marble’s attractiveness, distinctive qualities, and reasons why it makes the ideal flooring material in thicknesses of 16 mm, 18 mm, and 20 mm.

Italian marble’s stunning Crema Malfi is Unveiled

Caffè Malfi Italian quarries, where the best natural stones are mined, are where Italian marble is found. It emanates a sense of timelessness and elegance thanks to the basic colour of cream that is embellished with superb white or light cream tones. The luxurious aura that the marble’s alluring appearance provides instantly improves the atmosphere of any room or area.

Features that Make Crema Malfi Italian Marble Unique

Creamy Colour basis: Crema Malfi Italian Marble’s cream colour basis serves as the ideal blank slate for constructing a cosy and welcoming ambience in any interior setting. Both homeowners and interior designers can use this neutral tone to complement a variety of design aesthetics.

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d. Rosalia Italian Marble Price-

The choice of marble is important when it comes to designing a gorgeous interior environment that radiates elegance and originality. Rosalia Beige Italian Marble stands out as a true masterpiece among the many different types of marble that are offered. This stunning marble gives a sense of grandeur to any space it graces with its alluring base colour of beige and delicate rose-red patterns and veining. In this article, we’ll look at Rosalia Beige Italian Marble’s seductive allure, distinctive qualities, and reasons why it makes the greatest flooring for living rooms, temple areas, bathroom walls, and floors.

Italian Marble’s Rosalia Beige’s Mesmerising Beauty

Italian quarries are the source of the extraordinary stone known as Rosalia Beige Italian Marble, which was created by nature. Its gorgeous rose red designs and veining pop against its beige background, make it a mesmerising aesthetic effect. Rosalia Beige Italian Marble is a rare gem that stands out from other marble variants due to its distinctive colour combination.

Unique Qualities that Astound

Beige Base: Rosalia Italian Marble’s beige base gives warmth and tranquillity to any area, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that enchants visitors.

Rose Red Patterns and Veining: The rose red patterns and veining give the marble a dramatic and artistic touch, making it the centre of attention in any home design.

Uniqueness: Rosalia Beige Italian Marble is a one-of-a-kind stone that gives your living spaces a feeling of exclusivity because of its distinctive colour and pattern combination.

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e. Botticino Italian Marble-

There aren’t many materials that can match natural stone’s eternal attractiveness in the realm of opulent interior design. Botticino Italian Marble is a true masterpiece among the countless gorgeous marble variations. This marble captures everyone who sees it with its sense of elegance and sophistication thanks to its beige or white base and exquisite heart veining patterns. This blog will examine the alluring beauty, distinctive qualities, and reasons that make Botticino Italian Marble the greatest alternative for flooring and wall decorating in 16mm and 18mm thicknesses.

Learning about Botticino Italian Marble

The renowned Botticino quarries, which are situated in the Italian province of Lombardy, are the source of Botticino Italian marble. Its beige or cream base colour acts as a blank canvas for complex veining patterns that resemble heart rate lines. Botticino Italian Marble is a preferred option for both amateurs and experts in interior design due to its distinctive combination of colours and patterns, which gives a touch of craftsmanship and elegance to any setting.

Italian marble from Botticino has distinctive features.

Beige or Cream Base: The Botticino Italian Marble’s beige or cream base lends your living areas a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that adds warmth and tranquillity.

Heart Rate Veining Patterns: Each slab of Botticino Italian Marble is a work of art in and of itself thanks to the heart-rhythm-like veining patterns that offer a touch of individuality and charm.

Elegance and Sophistication: Botticino Italian Marble elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space and is a classic choice thanks to its ageless appeal.

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Coloured Italian Marble –

a. Rosso Levanto Italian Marble

In the realm of interior design, Italian marble has always been associated with wealth and elegance. Rosso Levanto Italian Marble distinguishes out as a true gem among the many magnificent marble variations. This marble offers a grand combination of colours that oozes elegance and sophistication thanks to its dark red base embellished with beautiful white patterns. In this article, we’ll look at Rosso Levanto Italian Marble’s attractiveness, special qualities, and reasons why it’s the ideal material for flooring, accenting, and bathroom projects in 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm thickness options.

Bringing Rosso Levanto Italian Marble’s Beauty to Light

The quarries in Italy are the source of Rosso Levanto Italian Marble, a unique stone created by the artistic prowess of nature. The mesmerising white designs that softly meander over its surface are set against a stunning dark crimson base. Rosso Levanto Italian Marble is a highly sought-after treasure that quickly improves any area thanks to its alluring combination of colours and patterns.

Italian Marble Rosso Levanto’s Unique Features

Dark Red Base: The Rosso Levanto Italian Marble’s dark red base gives your rooms a sense of grandeur and sophistication while also providing a touch of drama.

distinctive White Patterns: The marble is given contrast and depth by the distinctive white patterns and veins, which create an eye-catching visual extravaganza.

Rosso Levanto Italian Marble is a symbol of wealth and refinement in any context because it emits a timeless elegance.

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b. Emperador Brown Italian Marble-

The choice of marble is crucial when it comes to designing an opulent and stylish decor. The Emperador Brown Italian Marble is a true gem among the numerous exquisite marble variations. This stone captivates everyone who sees it because of its tones of black and brown that are embellished with golden patterns. This blog will examine the attractiveness of Emperador Brown Italian Marble, its distinctive qualities, and the reasons it is ideal for bathroom walls and flooring in the typical thickness of 18mm.

Discovering Italian Marble in Emperador Brown

From Italian quarries, where nature’s craftsmanship created this remarkable stone, comes Emperador Brown Italian Marble. The various tones of black and brown produce a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is reminiscent of the earthy tones’ inherent charm. The elegantly flowing golden patterns on the surface provide a sense of grandeur, making Emperador Brown Italian Marble a popular option for amateurs and experts of interior design alike.

Perfect for walls and floors in bathrooms

Emperador Brown floors Italian marble flooring adds a sense of luxury to any space, whether it be a spacious living room, a comfortable bedroom, or a sophisticated dining area. It sets the tone for the entire interior with its earthy tones and golden patterns, which give the room depth and personality.

Emperador Brown Italian Marble is ideal for bathroom walls since it gives the room a spa-like getaway feel. A sense of luxury and relaxation is produced by the richness of the dark and brown hues combined with the lavish golden patterns.

c. Black Marquino Italian Marble –

Few materials can rival the ageless attraction of natural stone when it comes to designing a genuinely engaging and upscale home. The Black Maquino Italian Marble stands out as a true jewel among the numerous magnificent marble variations. This marble provides an exquisite harmony of contrast and elegance with its foundation of deep black colour and embellishments of delicate white patterns and linings. In this article, we’ll look at the attractiveness and distinctive qualities of Black Maquino Italian Marble and explain why, in the usual thickness of 18mm, it makes the finest choice for bathroom walls, floors and floor highlights.

Unique Features of Italian Marble in Black Maquino

lack Maquino Italian Marble’s deep black base radiates a feeling of mystery and sophistication and adds a touch of drama to your decor.

Delicate White Patterns and Linings: The marble is given depth and personality by the delicate white patterns and linings, which produce a mesmerising visual impact.

Black Maquino Italian Marble is a preferred material for designing appealing environments because it skillfully blends contrast and elegance.

Best for Bathroom Walls, Bathroom Floors, and Wall and Floor Highlighting

Italian Black Maquino Marble is a fantastic option for wall emphasising in any room. It offers a dash of drama and refinement that highlights particular interior spaces, whether utilised as an accent wall or for full-height cladding.

Floor highlighting: The spectacular focal point that Black Maquino Italian Marble flooring creates in any space is the floor. It can be utilised to lend a touch of elegance to the floor design by emphasising particular places like entranceways, living room seating areas, or dining rooms.

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White Italian Marble-

a. Statuario Marble-

Few materials can rival marble’s incomparable beauty and refinement when it comes to opulent interior design. Statuario Marble is a true masterpiece among the numerous exquisite marble kinds. This marble has won the admiration of architects and homeowners all around the world for its crisp white base and distinctive grey veining. This blog will explore Statuario Marble’s enthralling universe, its distinctive qualities, and why it is regarded as the pinnacle of enduring elegance

Differentiating Features of Statuario Marble

Pure White Base: Statuario Marble’s pure white base emanates a sense of sophistication and purity, making it the perfect material for designing interiors that are both elegant and lively.

Beautiful Grey Veining: The beautiful grey veining flows elegantly across the marble’s surface, giving it depth and personality while also making a strong aesthetic effect.

Statuario Marble’s timeless beauty ensures that it will continue to be a timeless option for generations, defying trends and fashions.

Statuario marble applications

Carpet: Statuario Whether it’s a majestic foyer, a sophisticated living room, or a formal dining room, marble flooring lends a sense of luxury to every space. While the grey veining adds a slight bit of drama, its clean white surface gives off a feeling of brightness and openness.

Wall Cladding: Statuario Marble adds a feeling of grandeur and sophistication to interior and exterior walls, whether it is utilised as an accent wall or for full-height cladding.

Countertops: Statuario Marble is a well-liked material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and bar tops due to its sturdiness and elegance.

Statuario Marble is frequently utilised for sculptures and creative installations, bringing a touch of tradition due to its history and similarity to traditional statuary marble.

Why Do People Pick Statuario Marble?

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b. Bianco Ocean Marble-

Marble has always been seen as a representation of wealth and refinement in the world of luxury interior design. A genuine jewel among the several gorgeous marble kinds is Bianco Oceana Marble. This marble combines a white base with soft, wave-like light grey linings to create an astounding symphony of luxury and beauty. In this article, we’ll look at the mesmerising attraction of Bianco Oceana Marble, its distinctive qualities, and why its 18mm thickness makes it such a sought-after option for flooring and walls. However, it is crucial to remember that due to its unmatched beauty and exclusivity, it falls into the luxury category and is therefore highly expensive.

Unique Features of Bianco Oceana Marble

White Base: Bianco Oceana Marble’s white base radiates brightness and purity, giving any area an impression of spaciousness and calm.

Light Grey Linings: The light grey linings, which resemble flowing waves, give the marble depth and personality. This creates a stunning visual spectacle that mesmerises everybody who sees it.

Exclusiveness and Luxury: Bianco Oceana Marble is a sought-after option for individuals looking for the highest luxury and exclusivity in their interior design because of its unrivalled beauty and rarity, which position it in the premium category.

Uses for Bianco Oceana Marble

Flooring: Bianco Oceana Marble is the height of luxury and sophistication. It is a compelling focal point for any room or area thanks to its flowing linings, which give the illusion of movement.

Wall Cladding: Bianco Oceana Marble provides a touch of grandeur and sophistication to interior and exterior walls, whether it is utilised as an accent wall or for full-height cladding.

Statement Pieces: Bianco Oceana Marble is frequently used to make statement pieces like custom furniture, fireplaces, and artistic installations because of its high price range and great beauty.


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