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Ice Blue Granite

Price – ₹55-60 / Square Feet

Product Name SIce Blue Granite
Slab Sizes Cutter Size : 6 to 11 length & 2.25 to 3.5 height

Gangsaw Size : 10×7, 10×6, 8×6, 7×6……. Available

Thickness 16MM, 18MM, 20MM, 25MM, 30MM and All Sizes Available
Types Of Finishes Polished, Unpolished, Honed, Leather, Flamed, Brushed, Lapatro, Sandblast & CNC
Applications Dining Table, Kithcen Tops, Floorings, Staircases, Door Frames, Window Frames, Cladding, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls & Floors, Ramps, Pillar Areas, Lift Areas etc..


Ice Blue granite is a white background granite with light blue shades with low variation. This durable granite is highly recommended for all interior and exterior areas including in areas with a climate of freezing temperatures. This unique granite material with a polished finish can be used for both residential and commercial applications for counters, feature walls, and floors. We supply the best quality Ice Blue Granite in India. These slabs of natural granite can enrich a room by giving it a natural luster with its outstanding appearance. This durable stone is a popular choice for commercial and housing projects, including backsplashes, floors, and is an exceptional choice for cladding outside walls. Granite is always impressive, but Ice Blue Granite goes beyond your expectations. It is truly dazzling. It’s also fairly scratch-resistant, making it a suitable choice for countertops and hallway flooring. Finally, it is heat resistant, meaning even the hottest pan will not impact this hardy stone. Granite is one of the most hardwearing and functional slabs out there. Most of our company revenue is generated by sales and supply of Ice Blue Granite products. In years, with our best product and timely delivery. We have established ourselves as one of the most promising Ice Blue Granite suppliers from India. Deeply sparkling, the blues of ice granite is a gorgeous color that envelops a house area in an animated light. Cheerful and fresh, it stunningly decks out an interior thanks to its tonal composition to bring dramatic force to the most boring decor. Vardhman sagar Marbles India is the largest manufacturer and supplier of ice Pearl in India and overseas. Tiles and slabs of different sizes and thicknesses are available for sale at the lowest price. For more information regarding any other natural stone contact- +91-8824171987. You can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram

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