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Bala Flower Granite

Price – ₹120-130 / Square Feet

Product Name Bala Flower Granite
Slab Sizes Cutter Size : 6 to 11 length & 2.25 to 3.5 height

Gangsaw Size : 10×7, 10×6, 8×6, 7×6……. Available

Thickness 16MM, 18MM, 20MM, 25MM, 30MM and All Sizes Available
Types Of Finishes Polished, Unpolished, Honed, Leather, Flamed, Brushed, Lapatro, Sandblast & CNC
Applications Dining Table, Kithcen Tops, Floorings, Staircases, Door Frames, Window Frames, Cladding, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls & Floors, Ramps, Pillar Areas, Lift Areas etc..
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Bala Flower Granite, a captivating and sought-after natural stone, originates from the northern regions of India, and it has swiftly risen to global popularity. Revered for its exceptional beauty and versatile characteristics, Bala Flower Granite has secured its place as a preferred choice for various design applications across the world.

The stone’s natural elegance and allure have led to its increasing popularity. Bala Flower Granite features a perfect blend of colors and patterns that may transform any environment it is placed in. The delicate veining patterns and color specks in this granite give it a distinct visual appeal, making each block a work of natural art.

Bala Flower Granite’s adaptability is limitless. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of applications, from functional parts like countertops and vanity tops to ornamental features like accent walls, backsplashes, and fireplaces. Because of the stone’s natural resilience and wear resistance, it is perfect for high-traffic areas such as interior and external flooring, stairs, and window sills.

One of the remarkable attributes of Bala Flower Granite is its compatibility with various design schemes. It complements light cabinets and furnishings, adding a touch of warmth and character to the space. The interplay of colors within the granite ensures that it seamlessly integrates with a variety of color palettes, allowing designers and homeowners to create harmonious and visually stunning environments.

Vardhman Sagar Marbles, a well-known name in the natural stone industry, is proud to present Bala Flower Granite to its discerning clientele. The granite’s gorgeous look and durability demonstrate their devotion to finding high-quality materials and their experience in making the greatest items.

The charm of Bala Flower Granite extends beyond its appearance. Its versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Its strength and endurance to the rigors of daily usage ensure that it will retain its elegance and appeal for many years to come, adding value to any place it graces.

Finally, Bala Flower Granite is a tribute to nature’s breathtaking splendor. It is a versatile stone with mesmerizing patterns and colors that may be used in a variety of design applications. Bala Flower Granite adds sophistication and elegance to every room, from worktops to accent walls, and internal flooring to outside facades. Its popularity and desirability attest to its continuing appeal and value.

Bala Flower Granite is a unique and beautiful natural stone that features a cream base with intricate patterns of beige and brown flowers throughout, creating a stunning visual appeal. It is primarily quarried in the Kishangarh region of Rajasthan, India, and is known for its durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and stains.

Vardhman Sagar Marble is a well-known marble and granite shop located in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, that offers a wide selection of Bala Flower Granite to customers. The shop is known for its exceptional range of high-quality granite stones at competitive prices.

Bala Flower Granite is a popular choice for flooring due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. It can also be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, and other interior and exterior applications. It is available in a range of finishes, including polished, honed, and leathered, to suit various design preferences.

At Vardhman Sagar Marble, customers can explore a wide range of Bala Flower Granite colors and designs, ensuring that they find the perfect granite for their specific needs. The shop’s experienced team can also provide guidance on the best granite for a particular project and assist with the installation process.

In terms of price, Bala Flower Granite is competitively priced compared to other natural stone options, making it an affordable choice for customers looking for high-quality granite that won’t break the bank.

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-quality Bala Flower Granite for your project, Vardhman Sagar Marble in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, is an excellent place to find it. With their commitment to quality and competitive prices, you can be confident in finding the best granite for your project. Visit their shop to explore their extensive selection of granite stones and find the perfect one for your project.

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